From Boiler installs to power flushing and landlord certificates we have got you covered.

At AR Heating, we offer quality home services and online consultations. Serving the Bristol area, we make sure you get the most professional work at fair rates. Schedule an appointment or get in touch for an estimate.


Boiler Installs done right.

If you are looking for a boiler installation in Bristol, then you’ve come to the right place. AR Heating Services has been installing boilers for both domestic and commercial clients across the city for over 20 years.

Specialising in Vaillant/Worcester/Ideal boilers we'll find the right product for your home or business.

Replacing your old boiler with an ‘A’ rated condensing boiler is very likely to save you money on gas bills, alleviate the worry of repair costs (10 year warranty) and improve your system’s efficiency at providing heating and hot water. Our recommended boilers (Worcester and Valliant accredited installers) are more than 90% efficient which could save you up to *£275 per year on your heating bill.

At Scope Heating we make this installation as smooth as possible from the quote down to explaining how the new system works. Various system enhancements are available from new radiators, power-flushing and filtration to prolong the service life of your new boiler and improve the effectiveness of your heating.

Servicing all areas around Bristol, feel free to contact us to discuss your boiler installation requirements and chat to our Engineer about typical costs and timescales. Whether you want a want a budget, simple installation or high spec boiler with smart controls, etc we can recommend installation options suitable for your property and budget.



Always Prepared.

If your boiler is not providing heating or hot water as it should, we can quickly diagnose the fault and get the repair work done as soon as possible minimising the inconvenience to yourself. We work closely with a number of boiler manufacturers and are available to call 24/7. Most repairs can be done on the day if the spare parts are in stock, otherwise it would be a maximum of 48hrs in most cases.

Some basic checks you can carry out yourself before you call on help:

  • Is there power to the boiler?

  • Check for lights on the display panel

  • Is the switch to the boiler on/check and/or replace fuse (3amp)

  • For Combination boilers – is there enough pressure in the boiler?

  • Is the pressure dial between 1bar – 1.5bar? If not switch the boiler off and top up the pressure using the filing loop.

  • Make sure the external controls are calling for heat

  • Ensure the room thermostat is turned up.

  • Ensure the time clock is calling for heat.

  • If the boiler has a pilot light, is it lit?

  • If no, refer to the manual for the lighting procedure


If none of the above checks solve the problem, it is likely that you need further assistance; feel free to give us a call to discuss the problem and arrange a visit to rectify your boiler breakdown in Bristol.


Keep your Boiler running safely

Ensure your boiler is safe not only for yourself but for your family, and prolong the service life and ensure it is working at maximum efficiency today by booking a service with AR Heating.

What is involved in a Full boiler service?

  • Boiler components cleaned/checked where necessary:

  • Burners

  • Ignition Systems

  • Seals (gas and water)

  • Condensate traps

  • Fans

  • Gas pressure and heat input to verify correct supply pressure

  • Flues and termination check to ensure integrity and emissions are safe

  • All visible pipework and controls checked for correct operation

  • Radiators and valves

  • Ventilation

  • Advice on how to use your boiler controls

The current service charge for a boiler service in Bristol is:

  • Combination/regular boilers = £80 + VAT

  • Back boiler and fire front = £110 + VAT



Fast and efficient gas certificates for your piece of mind.

As a landlord, you are aware you are legally obliged to have all gas appliances checked for safety at your rented property under gas safety (installation and use) regulation 1998. Why not let AR Heating take care of the stress of remembering by inputting you into our database setup for automatic reminders.

If you wish, we are more than happy to liaise directly with your tenants to arrange the inspection/service to save you time. If there is anything important picked up during the visit we will notify you straight away with the certificate sent to you usually on the same day of the inspection

Current charges for services:

  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (boiler and hob) = £90 + VAT

  • An additional £20 + VAT will be charged if a back boiler is located on the property as these require around double the service time.

  • Each subsequent appliance = £20 +VAT

  • Fires = £30 extra +VAT

If you need a landlord gas safety certificate in Bristol, feel free to call to arrange.


Keep your heating system clean.

The build-up of sludge in your central heating system is inevitable as it contains different metals combined with water that can over time cause corrosion and result in the following problems:

  • Cold spots on radiators and/or radiators not heating up

  • Boiler making a banging or overheating (kettleing) noise due
    to sludge and scale build up

  • Reduced life of the central heating pump (having to work harder against the sludge)

  • Inconsistent or no hot water (combination boilers) due to the sludge build up in the heat exchanger of your boiler


If you feel that your boiler system is not functioning how it used to, then maybe a power flush is what you need to rejuvenate an old system. At AR heating we are happy to come along to your property and test your system and advise whether the outlay of a power flush is a worthwhile investment for you. In addition to the power flush, we can fit thermostatic radiator valves and highly recommend a magnetic system filter to prevent any future problems.


Keep your home safe.

What is a gas safety check (CP12)?

A thorough assessment of your property to check gas safety. The full inspection involves checking

  • the appliances for gas tightness

  • the standing and working pressure if test points are available

  • the burner pressure/gas rate against the manufacturer's data plate

  • the satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation

  • the satisfactory operation of safety devices

  • for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of brackets (where appropriate)


In addition, the engineer will also

  • test the flue flow to ensure removal of products of combustion

  • investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to the landlord

  • issue the landlord or home owner a gas safety record