Power Flushing

Power Flushing Bristol

The build-up of sludge in your central heating system is inevitable as it contains different metals combined with water that can over time cause corrosion and result in the following problems:

  • Cold spots on radiators and/or radiators not heating up
  • Boiler making a banging or overheating (kettleing) noise due
    to sludge and scale build up
  • Reduced life of the central heating pump (having to work harder against the sludge)
  • Inconsistent or no hot water (combination boilers) due to the sludge build up in the heat exchanger of your boiler

If you feel that your boiler system is not functioning how it used to, then maybe a power flush is what you need to rejuvenate an old system. At AR heating we are happy to come along to your property and test your system and advise whether the outlay of a power flush is a worthwhile investment for you. In addition to the power flush, we can fit thermostatic radiator valves and highly recommend a magnetic system filter to prevent any future problems.

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