Boiler Repair Bristol

Boiler Repairs Bristol

If your boiler is not providing heating or hot water as it should, we can quickly diagnose the fault and get the repair work done as soon as possible minimising the inconvenience to yourself. We work closely with a number of boiler manufacturers and are available to call 24/7. Most repairs can be done on the day if the spare parts are in stock, otherwise it would be a maximum of 48hrs in most cases.

Some basic checks you can carry out yourself before you call on help:

  • Is there power to the boiler?
  • Check for lights on the display panel
  • Is the switch to the boiler on/check and/or replace fuse (3amp)
  • For Combination boilers – is there enough pressure in the boiler?
  • Is the pressure dial between 1bar – 1.5bar? If not switch the boiler off and top up the pressure using the filing loop.
  • Make sure the external controls are calling for heat
  • Ensure the room thermostat is turned up.
  • Ensure the time clock is calling for heat.
  • If the boiler has a pilot light, is it lit?
  • If no, refer to the manual for the lighting procedure

If none of the above checks solve the problem, it is likely that you need further assistance; feel free to give us a call to discuss the problem and arrange a visit to rectify your boiler breakdown in Bristol.

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