How does Boiler Plus legislation affect me?

Boiler Plus legislation overview.

‘Boiler Plus’ is new legislation which was implemented on the 6th April 2018 that is aimed to improve the way homes in the UK use energy by increasing the efficiency of their heating system. The legislation forms part of the Government’s ‘Heat in Buildings’ program designed to maximise energy efficiency.

From April 2018, all boilers must have a minimum Energy Related Product (ErP) efficiency of 92% and all installations must have time and temperature controls fitted, if they aren't already present and working correctly. In addition, combi boilers require one of four additional requirements to be fitted. Each will need to be discussed with you and suited to your individual circumstances. It will mean each installation will include a consultancy aspect needed for each boiler swap. The measures are as follows:

  • Load compensation control – this type of control enables the boiler to work more efficiently whilst using lower energy levels to achieve the room temperature required. 

  • Weather compensation control –The outdoor temperature is always changing, meaning your boiler doesn’t always need the same amount of energy to heat your house. This type of control comes with an outdoor temperature sensor and can therefore tell your boiler how hard it needs to work to get to your desired room temperature

  • Smart control - a control that provides automation and optimisation

  • Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device – makes your boiler more efficient by capturing and reusing heat energy that would otherwise have escaped from your flue


From the feature-rich ecoTEC exclusive boilers, with built-in Passive Flue gas heat recovery (meaning it qualifies for Boiler Plus, straight out of the box) to the very simple and cost-effective VRT 50 working with the timeSWITCH 150 for the very simplest way to comply, Vaillant offers a wide range of intelligent and easy to use controls.


How does weather compensation work?

Weather compensation automatically adjusts the heat going to your radiators or underfloor heating, whilst monitoring your outside temperature. When the temperature outside drops the heat going to your radiators and underfloor heating will increase, ensuring ultimate efficiency and comfort. When the temperature outside rises, the heat going to your radiators and underfloor heating will reduce, again ensuring ultimate efficiency and comfort, with the potential to save on your energy bills. 

With the Vaillant VRC 700, VRC 700f and vSMART controls you can utilise weather compensation which understands the thermal behaviour of your home.


What are the benefits of weather compensation over a standard time/temperature control?

Simple on/off (traditional) thermostats send information directly to the boiler to reach the desired temperature by heating the water in the radiators. This simply means that the boiler works at its maximum in order to reach the desired temperature. As the temperature cools and drops below target the boiler starts up again at 100% and this cycle is repeated.


Intelligent load compensating thermostats automatically adjusts water temperature going from the boiler to your radiators or underfloor heating. Combined with the weather compensator whereby the system knows what the outside temperature is, so it can understand if more or less heat to the radiators is required.  When a room is already warm and only a small room temperature increase is required, the controls will reduce the temperature to the radiators and underfloor ensuring energy usage is reduced and the boiler works at a reduced level.


This means:

  • An improved lifetime of the boiler through fewer on and off cycles;

  • Saving energy and therefore potential cost savings; and 

  • Meet temperature demands more accurately maximising comfort.


Why Vaillant controls?

(eBUS and efficiency and potential savings on fuel) 

Vaillant controls use a technology called eBUS to communicate with other Vaillant products, such as Vaillant boilers. Rather than just turning products on and off like a traditional thermostat, eBUS allows our products to carry out more complex decisions based on what your heating system requires. For example, eBUS allows our controls to activate your boiler at only 20% modulation if only a slight increase in room temperature is required. It’s this modulation that makes the boiler run at its most efficient point, this process is called enhanced load compensation. 

Designed to work harmoniously with all Vaillant boilers, our controls deliver a greater level of communication, ensuring your boiler is working to its peak performance. 


How does Boiler Plus legislation affect me?

Traditional control

- TimeSWITCH 150 

Our basic boiler control allows you to adjust the heating programme by choosing when you would like your system to switch on or off, and how long you would like it to operate for. The TimeSWITCH 150 is compatible with all Vaillant ecoTEC & ecoFIT combi boilers and plugs directly into the boiler without the need for any wiring. This timer provides easy-to-use, basic timing for your central heating needs.


- VRT 50 room thermostat 

This easy-to-use, intelligent digital room thermostat shows the current room temperature and allows you to alter the desired room temperature, whilst providing greater efficiency.

Traditional digital control


- TimeSWITCH 160

Our digital plug in timer allows you to adjust the heating time programmes by choosing three time periods a day; when you would like your heating and hot water system to switch on or off, and how long you would like it to operate for. 

- VRT 15 room thermostat 

The easy-to-use, simple 230Vac room thermostat, has been designed to look and feel familiar. It can be used with our timeSWITCH 160 to provide simple and straight-forward control of your boiler. 

Load compensating control


- VRT 350 / 350F

Our intelligent room compensating controls allow you to fine tune your heating system, giving you even more control. These controls allow you to turn your system on or off at different times of the day, and continually monitors and adapts to give you the desired room temperature. The blue backlit screen and plain text display make the VRT 350 (wired) and VRT 350F (wireless) easy and clear to understand. Only two push buttons and one rotary knob are needed to select and change data. Plus, when you go on holiday the VRT 350 and VRT 350F have a holiday set-back function, which reduces the temperature in your property and heats it up before you come back home.


Smart internet connected control

vSMART is a wireless heating and hot water control and smartphone app, giving you the ability to take control of your heating from anywhere, at any time. vSMART can be installed in as little as 25 minutes. The vSMART room thermostat can be either wall mounted or free-standing, depending on the homeowner’s preference.


Weather compensating control


The VRC 700 system control allows you to manage multi-zone heating and hot water systems. Designed to work multiple products and zones, the VRC 700 effortlessly ensures your appliances are working to their peak performance and always maintaining optimum efficiency. Available in a wired version (VRC 700) or wireless version (VRC 700F) and with the addition of the VR920, the VRC 700/700F can be controlled via the smartphone app. The VRC 700 control allows for a single interface, that will communicate and control all Vaillant appliances. The VRC 700 will automatically identify and use the most efficient, and therefore most cost effective product at any time.